Commercial Impact Doors

No matter what sort of business you’re in, chances are your doors are going to take a pounding, from hand trucks, pallets and carts banging against them to the repeated motion of just plain opening and closing - and then there is the abuse that could be received by exterior commercial doors during a hurricane.

The Door Factory offers commercial impact doors made of tough materials that reinforce their strength. Our wide variety of solid door systems comes in a range of styles and colors so that their appearance can withstand any abuse that comes their way. We offer impact doors made by top companies in the industry, including doors manufactured by Vision Hollow Metal, which offer the best in resistance and durability and meet current Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties building codes.

Come in to our show room and choose from our wide selection. Not satisfied with what you see? Then let us custom build an impact door that meets your specific needs. We can also get your impact doors installed and serviced, so that you never have to worry about anything except running your business. That’s our personal assurance that your commercial impact door systems will function in the way you need them. Every. Single. Time.

vision cw series commercial door
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